Warning Notice : AFM-FX Group – China

We have recently received email enquiries from overseas investors (based in China) in relation to an internet investment group (AFM-FX) based in China providing online FX trading :

AFM-FX Group - China
Website : www.afm-fx.com

We wish to warn prospective overseas investors that this business in China (AFM FX ) has nothing to do with Arcadia Funds Management Limited (Arcadia) in Australia or any of its related entities in Australia.
On its website AFM FX refers to Arcadia’s Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) with the Australian Investments and Securities Commission (ASIC) in Australia – this is misleading as :

1. Arcadia has no business relationship with AFM FX

2. Arcadia has no clients in China (and does not undertake FX investments / transactions)

3. Arcadia’s clients are only Australian institutions investing in real estate

Arcadia recommends that you do not deal with AFM FX and report them to the relevant authorities in China. We also note that the Australian telephone numbers listed on the AFM FX Group website when called do not exist.

This matter has been reported to the relevant Australian authorities including the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Cyber Security Centre.